About Me

Artist Statement:

Art has been a part of me since childhood. I can recall spending many hours in elementary school drawing faces and figures. It wasn’t until I picked up a paintbrush in 2011, that I felt the magic of creating again. I am deeply drawn to feminine beauty, and the female face and figure is my primary muse. My work is inspired by the many things I find beautiful around me, from fashion to nature, as well as my own inner world. Harnessing all of my inspiration to create a feminine character through color, pattern and texture excites and motivates me. I mainly enjoy painting quickly and loosely, though at times my work may reflect a more tighter look. My hope is that my art conveys a sense of beauty, intrigue and depth of emotion to the viewer. 

Leslie Weaver is a self-taught mixed media artist born and raised in Columbus, Georgia. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, two daughters and a Bichon Frise named Rosie. Initially trained in the field of psychology, Leslie worked as a social worker/counselor for over a decade before leaving the field to pursue a career in art full time. Her work is feminine and expressive.